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Welcome To Hainan Blood Centers
Welcome To Hainan Blood Centers

The predecessor of Hainan Provincial Blood Center is Hainan Red Cross blood station, established in 1989, subordinate to Hainan Govermental Health Department. It shoulders the responsbility of supplying blood to clinical use for the whole province, which involves blood collection, preparation, storage, release, and clinical blood transfusion research and promotion. The centre has seven departments, three sub-centers and four blood banks. The number of total staff is 133, 16 acquired mid to advanced lever technical certification, the proportion of staff of health education background is 72%.


If this is your first time donating with us, please call the Neighborhood Donor Center nearest you or mobile blood donation bus to schedule your appointment. If you have donated with us before, you can schedule your appointment by logging on Digital Donor for individual donor or organization donor respectively.
Xiangping Yang: director of Hainan provincial blood center
A statement from director of Hainan provincial blood center.
A special present for the injured and illed!
For the blue ocean, for the splendid earth, for the feeling and love links humankind, for the life and health of other people, to the blood course, we dedicate our life!

Address: 28 Meisu Rd.,Xiuying District, Haikou
Hotline:0898-68662613 68663432 Email:[email protected]
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